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Apple has announced that it has sourced over 20 million masks to support healthcare workers. The company’s CEO, Tim Cook said Apple will continue to get more masks and equipment sourced from its supply chain in the US and China.

Cook had previously stated that Apple had donated over 10 million masks. The company’s ongoing contribution to support healthcare professionals now includes over 20 million masks. The Apple CEO noted that the company is working ‘continuously and closely with governments at all levels to ensure that these are donated to places of greatest need’.

Moreover, Apple has brought together its design, engineering, operations, and packaging teams to work with the suppliers for designing, producing, and shipping a face shield for medical workers.

The Cupertino, California-based tech giant plans to donate one million face shields by the end of this week, followed by another one million per week after that. Cook, while showing the face shield, said it takes less than two minutes to assemble the protective gear.

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